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by Florida=Death



The Florida=Death, "B-Sides", are part of the album, "More Un-noticed Works, Volume One", being released on tape cassette.

All songs and sounds made, played, screwed, chopped, produced, reproduced, edited, arranged, composed, written, performed, and overseen by Florida=Death.

The play by play of what you're hearing, as described by Dave Go:

Tape loops layered by Dave and Nick, originally as part of a larger whole... unrealized and abandoned for other things. Keyboards and tape machine feedback samples of samples of drums feeding back, too much for then, not enough now. In Cincinnati, the band met Bruce. He conducted J Style, Michael James, and Dave Go in a performance of his own original song called, "Bruce's Song" from the original recording of the original performance, on the street, and seems to be about him, Bruce, falling asleep for days and Jesus apparently driving him home... Greg and Nick home alone in summertime, Greg on vocals... 8951 air organ and cut up of Naitha, Dave, and Kate, microphones in the fireplace, on fire, throat singing in the kitchen, misleading in it's sentimentality. Michelle doesn't want to go to a Holiday Inn... Nick and Dave get some Otis and bent samples with clips of "And The Deaf Have More" pianos and sound... Michelle on flute. Odd parts, poorly mixed, well played, off putting though, ending eventually became Grey2Bkind, which if you're interested, that chord progression was written by Michael James to be used in yet another song whose title is too long to write here, Dave rearranged it for use later... Faustino with a dope tape loop... Ed O'Neil_ rushed ideas in the kitchen when florida should have no longer been inside The New Hawaii, unfinished, but not abandoned entirely_ Nick and Greg, home alone, eventually used in Grey2Bkind. The original recording of the original performance of Bruce's Song is on here in full. "You know me, I was dead, trying to sleep, when you, God bless you. In the name of lord, Jesus drove my car. Fell asleep for days, that car took me home, I don't know, where I be, ????, somebody tell me please, ????. There it is, there it is. That's what I want you to work with." Written in haste. Thanks for nothing.


released February 22, 2015




Florida=Death Meriden, Connecticut

Florida is rotating slowly around song and sound, has been since '05, ...oh no, what happened...? the coming and going of tides and people, Grey, dave go, nick are Florida as it appears the visible range of human sight.

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